Benefits of Ready-To-Occupy Apartment in Kochi

The real estate landscape is currently at its peak with most leading developers and new ones developing residential projects at a fast pace. The demand for homes is at its highest and new projects are coming up in every city and town of our country. These projects are at different stages of development. Builders in Kochi start marketing their projects from a very early stage when the construction has not even started. The marketing continues till all the units are sold out when the homes are ready to move in.

Be it pre-launch, under-construction stage, or ready-to-move-in stage, every stage of development of a project offers unique advantages to the buyer.

Let us look at the advantages of buying ready-to-move-in flats in Ernakulam:

1. Immediate possession

The most important advantage of ready-to-move-in apartments is that the buyer can move in immediately. There is no ambiguity or delay in the delivery of the apartment. The process of ownership becomes streamlined with all the paperwork and legal work getting done in a short span. The need to pay rent and live in temporary accommodation is also ruled out saving the rental costs.

2. Financial advantage

Ready-to-move-in apartments offer transparency in pricing with no hidden costs. Unlike in under-construction projects in Kerala, the price quoted is all-inclusive. The buyer will not have to incur additional expenses at a later stage. In the case of investors, the ready-to-move-in apartments can be rented out immediately and the income from the rentals can be used to finance the purchase. This makes ready-to-move-in more appealing compared to under-construction apartments.

3. Legal due-diligence

A ready-to-move-in project will have all the necessary paperwork and permissions in place. The buyer will not have to make extra efforts to scrutinize and verify these details. The legal formalities are completed and free from the risk of complications at a future date.

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