Exploring the Best Neighbourhoods to Purchase Flats in Nagpur

The Orange City of India is not only famous for oranges but also for rapid growth in infrastructure and real estate. It is a part of the Smart City mission receiving special attention from the government to develop infrastructure due to the growth potential it offers. The growing industrialization is creating a demand for housing in the city. Many neighborhoods offer flats in Nagpur for new and upcoming projects.

In this blog, we will explore these neighborhoods:

1. Civil Lines

Civil Lines is an old and prestigious neighborhood in Nagpur. The wide roads, green surroundings, and colonial-era bungalows create an old-world charm, sought by many home buyers. It is in the heart of the city providing easy access to many hubs in Nagpur. One can find many luxury and high-end apartments and villas in Civil Lines. It also has a good social infrastructure. Civil Lines has the best 2 BHK apartments in Nagpur from an investment perspective.

2. Dharampeth

Dharampeth is a thriving neighborhood with a vibrant community. One can find the best schools, colleges, shops, restaurants, and cafes in Dharampeth. It is well-connected by public transport due to its excellent location. Dharampeth is an ideal choice for families to live and grow. Investing in property here ensures good returns on investment and assured rental income.

3. Manish Nagar

Manish Nagar is known for its excellent infrastructure and affordable housing options. The rapid development in this region has made it a favorite among young professionals. Numerous projects in Manish Nagar offer affordable housing without compromising on quality. These projects have the best amenities with parks, shopping facilities, and healthcare centers for residents. The location’s growth phase and affordability make it ideal for investors who want to stay invested.

4. Pratap Nagar

Pratap Nagar is a well-established residential area of Nagpur. It is known for its peaceful environment and community living. It is preferred by families that are looking for a quiet settled lifestyle. The locality has many parks and green spaces making it a good neighborhood for close-knit communities that celebrate festivals and social occasions together. The proximity to schools, hospitals, and convenience stores makes it ideal for long-term real estate investment.

5. Wardha Road

Wardha Road is a major locality in Nagpur that is witnessing rapid growth in infrastructure and metro connectivity. It is well-connected to major parts of the city and MIHAN (Multi-modal International Cargo Hub and Airport at Nagpur) project. There are several new residential projects with state-of-the-art facilities.

These are the five locations that one can consider for purchasing flats in Nagpur.

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