How Do I Know If a Real Estate Builder in Pune is Legitimate?

Property investment is a major decision that involves large sums of money. Most home buyers and investors invest a major part of their life’s earnings in the property. Under these circumstances, they cannot take chances. Choosing a legitimate builder is a vital step before investing money into their projects. There have been many cases of builders duping home buyers of their money or delaying projects for many years. Some home buyers have lost large amounts of money by trusting illegitimate builders. To avoid this, one must do research about the builder before committing to them.

In this blog, we will discuss some steps on how to choose legitimate real estate builders in Pune.

1. Reputation

The reputation of real estate developers in Pune can be found by speaking to experts in the industry. Agents, employees, and other professionals who work in the industry will have the required information. One can get information like the reputation of the builder by contacting these people and talking to them about their previous projects. The questions about construction quality, timely delivery, and customer service will reflect on the operations of the real estate company. The information collected will give the buyer a good idea of the builder’s reputation.

2. Track Record

It is important to choose a builder who has completed a sizeable number of residential and commercial projects. One should stay away from builders who are just starting with their first project. Visiting the completed projects will give the best idea of the construction quality. Speaking to the residents living in the projects will provide information about timely deliveries. Other doubts about hidden charges, payment details, and the quality of the amenities and facilities are also obtained from the residents. This information is enough to know if the real estate builder in Pune can be trusted.

3. Legal Compliance

The builder or developer should be registered with the authorities as a legitimate developer. Their projects should be listed in RERA and the details presented in the brochures should match those provided in the brochures. One can also speak to banks to know if the developer is financially stable. All documents related to the project should be clear without any pending legal disputes. The titles should be clear. The residential projects in Pune completed by the builder should have attained all the permissions and certificates from the concerned authorities before handing over the possession of the property.

These are important details that should be verified before trusting any real estate builder in Pune.

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