How Important is Location in Property Investment

One of the major factors influencing a real estate project is its location. The location directly impacts the quality of life you and your family will experience. It also determines the budget you will need to buy the house. The location is also an aspect that cannot be changed easily. Once the property is bought the location cannot be changed for life or at least for a substantial period.

One must factor in many important considerations before choosing the location of their property.

Let us look at these, one by one.

Connectivity and Access

In Mumbai commuting to work is a major concern. The quality of work and career is directly affected by the commute time. A longer commute every day may add to the stress as getting to the work location on time cannot be compromised. The distance of your home from your work should be such that you can commute comfortably every day.

Real estate builders in Mumbai make sure the home location is close to everyday necessities like grocery and essential stores, banks, hospitals, restaurants, community centers, and places of worship. Undoubtedly, the location should be as close as possible to schools and colleges ensuring your ward’s convenience and safety.


Are you a city slicker or do you enjoy the rustic lifestyle? These personal choices will determine the location of your home. It is not difficult to choose a location based on your lifestyle choices as there are locations in Mumbai that are at the center of all the action as well as those that are cut away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Over longer periods your surroundings will determine your happiness and comfort. New projects in Mumbai usually emerge in well-developed areas.

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