Why One Should Invest in Real Estate in Goa

Although Goa is known as a tourist spot there are good reasons to invest in the real estate market of North Goa.

Let us look at 5 of the reasons to invest in North Goa:

1. Holiday destination

The mention of Goa creates images of exquisite churches and architecture, splendid forts and monuments, lush tropical greenery, and narrow rustic lanes that pass right in front of our eyes. Easily accessible from major cities in India, Goa is India’s most popular holiday destination.

It is a regular escapade, especially for folks from the metros, that helps get away from busy urban routines. Imagine owning an apartment in Goa and being able to go every time you feel like it. An idea that will bring a smile to anybody, this idea is a win-win situation who owns an apartment or wants to rent one. Given the popularity of the emerald state with Indians, and more so with foreign travelers, it can be a smart investment decision.

2. Tourism

The Goan economy thrives on tourism and hospitality. Although hotels and resorts are the first choices to stay for tourists, many travelers choose to live in service apartments for longer durations. Also, during the peak season, hotels and resorts cannot accommodate the large influx of tourists.

In these times, residential projects in north Goa become the preferred choice for stay, especially for tourists who stay for long durations. The stay is economical and convenient when compared to expensive resorts.

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