Beginner’s Guide To Real Estate Investment in Dombivli

Dombivli is a suburb in northern Mumbai . it is located on the central line and is easily accessible by local trains that fly from the heart of the city towards the northern suburbs. In the past few years, Dombivli has emerged as a major hub for residential complexes. Several reputed builders have their projects now in Dombivli. The residents of Dombivli can now get to experience an urban lifestyle at the best locations with the best amenities and facilities in this blog.

Let us look at important factors to consider while investment investing in Dombivli:


Location is the most important factor while choosing a property as they say in real estate location is everything location, the price, the social infrastructure, the convenience, and the future growth of the property. it is important to consider different locations and compare them with each other based on price and other important factors before investing in a property. Swaminarayan City in Dombivli West has the ideal location.


Investment aims to get maximum returns from rentals and price appreciation, Dombivli, like any other location has many options for real estate. Investment. Investors should do a thorough research of all the locations in Dombivli and compare them with each other for the maximum returns on their investment, it should be a good combination of rental returns as well as price appreciation. This will ensure that they get the maximum bang for the buck for their 1 BHK flats in Dombivli west.

Social infrastructure

Investing in properties that have all the facilities imported to live a comfortable life is essential. If one invests in a property that does not have good schools, colleges, hospitals, supermarkets, and Delhi close by the rental value will decrease.. the same cause with the property appreciation. Also, there are many hubs in Dombivli, that have good access to all facilities, and these should be considered important before finalizing the investment in 2 BHK flats in Dombivli West.

Builder reputation

One can access the builder’s reputation by doing some research and visiting previously completed projects by the Builder. A lot of the information is also available online. These days investing in properties by builders who have a reputation of completing projects on time, with quality, construction, and meeting the promises made makes sense as the competition among builders is high, one must not get carried away by the offers and many builders’ promises. It is better to choose an expensive property by a well-known Builder than to choose a cheaper property buyer, a builder of repute.

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