Exploring the Benefits of Homeownership in Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai is a prime residential locality in Mumbai. It is a fitting substitute for Mumbai and is on par when it comes to facilities and amenities. Most of the reputed builders have their presence here. Living in Navi Mumbai is also convenient as it is well connected to Mumbai and Thane which are important commercial and residential hubs. Navi Mumbai has a well-developed economy and attracts the working population from other parts of Mumbai. Owning a home in Navi Mumbai is a matter of pride for the residents living here.

Let us look at the benefits of home ownership in Navi Mumbai:


Owning a home in Raheja Solaris provides financial and emotional stability to the owner and their family. The proverbial roof over the head is a matter of pride and dignity for most Indians. Moving from rented premises to one’s own home has its benefits. One can rest assured that they do not have to go looking for a residence after the agreement lapses. The pain of moving homes is not just physical, but also mental and emotional. It is also painful for the family, especially children who get attached to their homes. Luxury apartments in Navi Mumbai reinforce the idea of ownership where one can feel safe and secure.

Financial Benefits

Paying rent every month burns a big hole in the pocket especially if you are living in apartments in Navi Mumbai. The home rentals in Navi Mumbai are high. Instead, if the same amount is directed towards paying an EMI for a home loan, the money will be invested meaningfully. Although owning a home involves a large investment, one can be assured that their hard-earned money is creating an asset.

Investing and owning a home is also a long-term investment. Today, real estate is a major asset class for investments and provides excellent returns over the long term. The home can be used as security for availing a loan. This loan can be an education loan securing the future of your children or it can also secure your future if used to fund a profitable business.

Safety and Security

Although this is an intangible benefit, owning a home provides a sense of safety and security to the family members. It is a place where memories are made with close family members that will be cherished for a life time. After a long day, coming back home offers a chance of rejuvenation and comfort. When a home is owned, one is assured that no one can take it away from you.

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