Integrated Township Project in Mumbai

The rate of development of new township projects in Mumbai is tremendously increasing, resulting in the demand for residential spaces skyrocketing. The current trends and patterns in the lifestyle of Mumbai residents point out the vitality of the integrated township in Mumbai. The difference between a standalone building and a township project is self-explained; you obviously get more of everything in the latter. The key highlight to focus on here is both types of real estate developments come at the same cost to your pockets.

Sarova Kandivali is one of the integrated townships developed by the best real estate builders in Mumbai. It is an idea of self-sufficiency and the availability of all the daily requirements that can help the residents lead a more peaceful and convenient lifestyle. Most of the townships that are constructed have dedicated commercial centers, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions developed around them.

Advantages of living in Sarova Kandivali

An integrated area:

When you look for flats in Kandivali, you will find that Sarova makes optimum use of every part of the land by transforming it into a multi-functional corner. The simple idea of using a lake as a retention pond adds to the quality of the area along with its beauty. For a good home, having a good view is important, besides effective layouts and an environment for leisure.

Openness and greenery:

The integrated townships with 2 BHK flats in Kandivali made in recent times are developed with a dedicated area that is open and green for a better psychological effect on the lifestyle of the residents. The complete township is environmentally friendly which encourages a sustainable and mindful life resulting in less carbon footprint.

Work-life balance:

The plans for integrated townships work around the social infrastructural progress in the locality. The industrial and commercial development around Kandivali with IT sectors and major corporates is an advantage to all the integrated township projects there. The first benefit to be considered is having your workplace within walking distance from your home with additional benefits of hospitals, schools, colleges, restaurants, supermarkets, shops, and other facilities in proximity. Once your time is saved from the back and forth between work and home, you get a lot of time to spend on other enjoyable activities of life.

To sum it up, integrated townships are a better solution to a sustainable future for the people as well as the geographical regions in Mumbai. Sarova Kandivali successfully contributes to the idea of convenient living in a well-designed community.

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